The passage of the Affordable Care Act represents an historic change in the way health insurance has been handled in the United States. With political discourse about the act continuing to occupy public policy debates and the news media, this collection attempts to shed light on the impact of the policy on citizens and providers as well as examine how the ACA is affecting quality, access, and costs of care.

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Percent of Children Covered by Medicaid/CHIP by County, 2012-2016

March 26, 2018

Notes: Children are defined as under 18 years of age. Children with two or more types of coverage are not included in the map. A dash indicates that the percent of children with Medicaid/CHIP coverage in the county are unreported on the map because there are fewer than 10 children residing in the county. Source: Georgetown University Center for Children and Families analysis of the five-year estimates of summary data from the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS). The U.S. Census Bureau publishes ACS summary data on American Fact Finder. Percent estimates were computed.

State Health Compare

January 1, 2018

Analysis of healthcare access at the state level that goes beyond standard indicators of health insurance coverage.

The Price of Being Uninsured

April 26, 2013

This interactive resource provides key findings on the costs of being uninsured. All information is from The Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey (2012).

Lowering Costs of Care; The Uninsured